The Competency Group
Victoria, BC, Canada

Succession Planning

The Competency Group has developed a suite of programs to support succession planning by capturing the expertise of your key employees and transferring it to others within the organization.  Our programs:

  • Ensure a qualified pool of candidates is ready to fill key positions
  • Provide the opportunity for timely knowledge transfer
  • Put the 'right people in the right place at the right time' to achieve desired business results
  • Provide stability in leadership and other critical positions to sustain a high-performing workforce
  • Provide a means to target employee skill development needs
  • Help individuals realize their career plans and aspirations within the organization

The process has several tiers:

Knowledge Capture

Employee turnover is an unavoidable reality in every workplace. With every employee that leaves an organization, there is lost knowledge that could have helped another employee adjust to the position. In today’s knowledge economy, knowledge transfer is one of the most critical factors towards sustained organizational success.

We use a fast, efficient method to capture the skills, knowledge and abilities of your top performers. We identify what makes your top performers great at their jobs to create training programs.


We provide the tools for your mentors to support your learners through the on-the-job application of the onboarding training.


Consistent job performance relies on properly distributed work.  We evaluate the current distribution of responsibilities to make sure the right people are doing the right job.


Knowledge capture provides comprehensive information that can be converted into customized, skill-based training programs can be flexibly delivered to many employees.

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