The Competency Group
Victoria, BC, Canada

Occupational Standards

The Competency Group has extensive experience conducting occupational analyses and developing occupational standards for many different sectors. Our work in this area includes facilitating national and regional workshops and validation sessions to authenticate the occupational standards with current competent practitioners.

What are occupational standards?

Occupational standards identify and group related tasks, knowledge and skills required for an individual to be considered competent in a particular occupation.

National occupational standards are validated and endorsed nationwide, allowing qualifications to be recognized across Canada.

Benefits of national occupational standards

  • Promote labour mobility across provinces and territories
  • Open up more job opportunities for workers and a larger labour source for employers
  • Provide career transition for individuals with transferable skills
  • Facilitate recognition of foreign credentials to enable international workers to join the Canadian workforce
  • Lead to certification of individuals who meet the competency standards for an occupation
  • Establish a set of criteria for accreditation of a course or program

Our Unique and Innovative Methodology

The Competency Group uses the DACUM approach to develop occupational standards. DACUM is a proven, effective methodology that involves occupational representatives and industry stakeholders, and uses consensus to develop the final product. This results in occupational standards that are highly relevant, current, and consistent.

Our standards development consultants have more than 35 years of combined experience using the DACUM approach, which they customize to meet the specific requirements of each client and organization. Our consultants, facilitators, and researchers have received DACUM facilitator training from the Canadian Vocational Association and The Ohio State University.


The Competency Group experience

We are Canadian leaders in occupational standards development. We have developed occupational standards for many industries and sectors such as:

  • Electricity
  • Mining
  • Tourism
  • Biotechnology
  • Food processing
  • Wood manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit

Read The Competency Group’s case studies of occupational standards development to learn its many uses and benefits.






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