The Competency Group
Victoria, BC, Canada

Occupational Standards Case Studies

Raise the bar for your industry’s occupational standards.

The Competency Group can help you plan your occupational standards project. We can also offer strategic recommendations for its successful implementation.

Our proven experience in occupational standards development has produced winning results for many sectors.

Some examples of our occupational standards projects:

Electricity and renewable energy. We developed current and relevant national occupational standards for vital occupations in these sectors. This project supported industry efforts toward skills recognition of its practitioners and consistent delivery of training programs. Find out more.

Biotechnology. Our development of competency profiles for critical biotechnology occupations helped establish the industry’s professional standards. It has also identified transferable skill sets from other occupations and sectors, thereby expanding the talent pool for highly specialized functions. Find out more.

Child care. We updated occupational standards for Early Childhood Educators (ECEs), produced  multimedia information materials, and conducted a training gap analysis. Our recommendations have led the sector council to address the professional development needs of ECEs. Find out more.

Tourism. The national occupational standards that we developed for key occupations in this industry are industry-defined, relevant, and recognized nationally and internationally. Setting professional standards supports the Canadian strategy of promoting a strong, vibrant tourism sector through quality service. Find out more.