The Competency Group
Victoria, BC, Canada

Career Development

An important part of retention is the development of employee skills to enable mobility within the organization. The first step of career development is to determine your employees' current performance levels. We support this process by creating and analyzing an inventory of your employees' skills. Using this inventory, we sort the employee base into three categories:

  • top performers,
  • employees who meet full requirements of job position, and
  • employees who need further skill development.

From this point, we develop a customized career plan for employees who wish to further develop their skills.

The customized career development plans are founded on competency maps we develop for the job position, detailing the skills and knowledge required to do the job successfully. Your organization can use a position's competency map to assess an employee's performance against the standard. In doing so, you can identify the skills an individual employee needs to develop and can arrange for additional training, as necessary. Competency maps can also be used to determine how the skills of an employee can transfer to the requirements of another position in the organization.





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