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Competency Mapping

What is competency mapping?

A competency (often used interchangeably with skill) can be defined as a standardized requirement for an individual to perform a specific job properly.  Competency maps are complete groupings of competencies that identify the specific skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviours required to operate effectively in a specific trade, profession, or job position.


How can competency mapping help with employee optimization?

Competency maps form the basis of all SKILLRESET™ solutions, since they identify the skills required by individual positions within your organization. You can use competency maps in a variety of ways to support employee optimization:

  • Assess the ability of your current employees to take on responsibilities in another job within your organization
  • Create competency assessments to determine the skill level of individual employees
  • Determine training necessary to fill gaps in employee skills
  • Develop customized training programs that fit your organization’s unique n eeds
  • Develop employee performance evaluation tools to gage employee skill development
  • Develop organizational standards
  • Evaluate the success of your current training programs

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What makes our approach unique?

Our approach is based on the DACUM method which was pioneered by Dr. Donald Glendenning and Larry Coffin at Holland College in the early 1970s. These innovative educators started a strong movement that has provided benefits to organizations and educational systems worldwide for decade. The founders of The Competency Group, Bernadette and Terry Allen, had the privilege of working with the pioneers of DACUM. For ou

r full story, read about how The Competency Group evolved.

Although the system has evolved over the years, the key principles still work:

  • Unlike some systems that rely on complex research, DACUM’s foundational belief is that expert practitioners are best equipped to identify the skills required to perform the job well.
  • The method is quick and efficient. A job can be analyzed in 1-2 days.
  • The competency analysis is conducted by an experienced facilitator, who obtains consensus from job practitioners regarding the skills required for the job.
  • The competency map focuses on the general areas of competence, which are th e major units of work that employees perform. The general areas of competence then break down into the skills, knowledge, abilities, and behaviours required for each unit of work. This approach makes the competency map a very useful and practical tool for organizations.
  • The competency map avoids the pitfalls of complicated methods that result in generic competency statements compiled into cumbersome documents. They end up unused on a shelf because organizations can’t translate the vague theories into action. In contrast, a competency map uses key phrases that are logically and concisely presented in a visual chart.


Our Experience

The Competency Group has developed competency maps for many sectors and industries such as:

  • Biotechnology
  • Electricity
  • Finance
  • Food processing
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Information technology
  • Mining
  • Nonprofit
  • Wood manufacturing



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