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On-the-job Training

Many consider on-the-job training to be the most effective type of training. However, on-the-job training becomes even more valuable when the training is competency-based, since employees are developing skills within the context of their workplace and are connecting the learning material to real-world job tasks. Employees can learn a skill, apply it and receive a performance assessment -- all within a familiar work environment!

Here are seven merits of The Competency Group’s competency-based approach to on-the-job training:

  • It is performance-based.  That means that it enables the learner to learn how to perform the skills required for the job, rather than just know about them.
  • It is targeted directly towards the performance required for the job.
  • It is modular. This provides flexibility and efficiency as learners work on modules that meet their specific needs.
  • It builds organizational capacity. Internal trainers guide learners to focus on their skill development needs and provide feedback on their performance.
  • It builds employee confidence and accountability. Employees take an active role in planning and evaluating their learning.
  • It occurs in the workplace so skills are learned in their true context.
  • It promotes a consistent standard of performance across the organization.

Our first step in developing on-the-job training is to create a competency map that details the skills required by the job. Learning modules are then developed around the skills, each with their own learning objectives. We enrich the modules with a number of learning activities and information sources that help support the module’s learning objectives.

The organization’s learning supervisor will use the competency map to help an employee learner identify priority skills to work on during on-the-job training. Together, the supervisor and the learner create a personal development plan, determining how the learner will work on specific skills. The learner can then continue through the relevant modules, meeting regularly with the learning supervisor to discuss his or her progress.

After completing a module, the learner completes a self-evaluation, which is then reviewed by the supervisor. The conversations between the learning supervisor and the learner regarding the performance assessment often become a learning opportunity in and of themselves.

How We Can Help

The Competency Group’s approach to on-the-job training ensures that employees are confident in their position and are able to assess their own performance. The learning tools remain with the organization to use over and over again to create customized personal development plans for current and future employees.



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