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  • Does your organization's productivity lag when there are new hires?
  • Does your organization lose new hires within the first few months of employment?
  • Do your new hires have low morale?
  • Are your new employee training programs costing your organization a lot without producing much benefit?

Then your organization needs an onboarding program.

Onboarding builds on the concept of new employee orientation. It focuses on making your new employees feel comfortable in the workplace and helping them quickly become contributing members of your organization. It is important that onboarding programs explain the performance expectations of your organization. Without defined job expectations, an employee could easily become frustrated or confused in his or her new position, and this does nothing to help you retain your new hire.

The success of your onboarding program lies in training your new employee to meet the specific requirements of your organization. That’s what competency-based training is all about.  Competency-based training is developed around the competencies that have been identified for the specific job. To be considered a contributing member of your staff, the new employee must demonstrate an ability to perform the job’s specific tasks.

The Competency Group uses a competency-based approach to create onboarding programs to train new hires according to your organization’s performance standards. The first step in our process is to develop a competency map for the occupation based on the input of your current employees. This profile outlines the skills, knowledge and abilities a new hire needs to successfully perform his or her job.

Using the competency map, we design a learning path for your employees based on our "learn and do" approach. A learning path defines the training components, methods, sequences, pre-requisites/dependencies, and evaluation/mentor approaches that are necessary to bring an employee to the required performance standard within the onboarding phase.


Since the competency map provides a modular structure, we can customize the program to your organization’s unique training needs. One of the most effective ways to deliver employee onboarding is to have the new hire focus first on the skills modules that are foundational to the position before they move on to more advanced skills modules. This approach ensures that the new employee will become a functional member of the organization as soon as possible.

Read about an onboarding program The Competency Group developed for Health Canada by clicking here.

The Competency Group can also design an onboarding program that allows the training supervisor to pick specific skills modules and to choose from instructor-led or self-directed learning options.

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