The Competency Group
Victoria, BC, Canada

Competency Training Services

The Competency Group promises growth, quality, and productivity through the implementation of competency-based training strategies.

Here are our customized offerings and how it works:

Get the skills you need to implement competencies in your workplace.  Our course - How to Build Competencies - is the first of a comprehensive course suite for human resources professionals, consultants, and training professionals to create customized competency profiles for any role.

Competency-based training meets the specific needs of your organization and ensures your employees can perform on the job.

Our customized workshops provide learners with the opportunity to both understand and perform new skills.

Learning new skills takes time and practice. Our programs provide learner and mentor materials that reinforce learning in the workplace.

Our online learning solutions offer your employees freedom to access training 24/7.

Our blended learning approach matches the right competency training methods with employee skill needs.  We bring a broad suite of tools to create the best blend of learning for your organization.

Our train-the-trainer programs will provide trainers with the skills to successfully instruct their fellow employees.

Many consider on-the-job training to be the most effective type of training. However, on-the-job training becomes even more valuable when the training is competency-based, since employees are developing skills within the context of their workplace and are connecting the learning material to real-world job tasks.

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