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Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are informal training methods that provide ongoing opportunities for on-the-job learning. Indeed, most companies would agree that it is valuable for employees learn from the knowledge and experience of fellow employees. Our 2007 study on innovative training approaches found that a majority of small and medium size enterprises prefer informal approaches to training over formal methods. In particular, employees prefer to learn as they go and to get hands-on experience. The reason for this: informal training was able to meet the unique needs of the employee and the organization.

The Competency Group’s competency-based approach encourages informal knowledge transfer within an organization. Because of this, we recognize that the role of coach/mentor is extremely important. However, if no support is offered to those in the coach/mentor role, the investment in coaching and mentoring efforts may not be as effective as it could be. That is why we develop tools and resources that support the coach/mentor role. The best part is that all coaching and mentoring tools we develop for your organization will stay with you to use again and again with current and future employees. That just goes to show what a cost-effective investment coaching and mentoring programs really are!

Competency-based training programs are often offered in a modular format, which organizes learning into sections related to specific skills.  This works well within a self-directed program that incorporates coaches or mentors, as it allows employees to work through the program in manageable pieces. Together, the coach and the employee create an individualized learning plan for the employee.

We have designed many programs where a coach or mentor guides a flexible learning process.  Learners are provided with learning guides to work through, and coaches or mentors receive materials and resources that will help them guide the learners as they work through the learning guides on their own.

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