The Competency Group
Victoria, BC, Canada

Learning Styles

Our workshop materials cater to the main learning styles, including:

  • Visual learning (i.e., learning by seeing)
  • Auditory learning (i.e., learning by hearing)
  • Kinesthetic learning (i.e., learning by doing)

We base our workshops on an experiential learning model, which involves the learners in a facilitated learning environment where they both learn and do.  That means that learners are receiving information through both traditional classroom methods (e.g., lecture) and participatory methods (e.g., discussion, small groups, skill-building activities) that address the main learning styles.

The Competency Group also creates learning materials that directly address the needs of adult learning audiences, abiding by Malcolm Knowles’ six adult learning principles:

  1. Adults are internally motivated and self-directed.
  2. Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences.
  3. Adults are goal-oriented.
  4. Adults are relevancy-oriented.
  5. Adults are practical.
  6. Adult learners like to be respected.

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