Canadian Automotive Repair and Services Council Network

The Competency Group is committed to delivering a timely and high quality product. Every effort is made to ensure that they thoroughly understand the customer’s needs prior to proceeding to methodically research, analyze, and recommend.

Linda Brown
Project Manager & Manager, Industry Relations

Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council

The work of our organization relies heavily on working with industry committees. The TCG team has proven to be professional and efficient in communicating with industry professionals on behalf of our organization. The excellent rapport that is developed between TCG and our stakeholders ensures that we have future participation from our industry partners and ensures a satisfactory final deliverable.

Yavhel Velázquez
Former Manager, Product Development

Veterans Affairs Canada

Bernadette and her team at The Competency Group (formerly Future Learning) were instrumental in helping Veterans Affairs Canada implement its most ambitious program modernization in 60 years. Under extremely tight deadlines, The Competency Group team worked with us to design a variety of training programs (as the content was being developed) and then co-delivered these programs across the country. Over 2000 of our employees received between 0.5 days and 11 days of training over a 6-month period.

The team also provided expert project management and project management assistant services. Furthermore, they constructed several evaluation tools to evaluate employee learning.

Gilbert Laderoute
Former Project Manager

Canadian Geoexhange Coalition

I’d like to thank The Competency Group, for an extraordinarily professional and well thought-through effort in developing the National Occupational Standards for Geoexchange Installers. The project has added substantially to our industry’s professionalization. A number of installers on the industry committee were so pleased to be involved with the project they indicated that “this was a highlight of my career.”

Ted Kantrowitz
Vice President

P.E.I. Department of Health

The work you and your company conducted for PEI on developing training modules for the Atlantic Building a Better Tomorrow initiative from conception to delivery was excellent. The quality modules you delivered were readily picked up and facilitated by facilitators across the Atlantic region, and the demand for module delivery grew exponentially as each group of trainees had satisfactory experiences with the content and presentation of the modules. The adult education philosophy and approach you used to facilitate delivery of the modules was right on target.

I was most impressed with the courteous and professional approach demonstrated by you and each of your staff during each contact we made, whether in person, via computer or over the phone. You truly accommodated the diverse needs of PEI and Atlantic staff and stakeholders in accomplishing the task at hand.

Thank you for assisting the goal of high quality results. You helped ease the process to a successful outcome, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Donna MacAusland
Primary Care Analyst

Maritime Electric Company

The strong Project Management team with the Competency Group is what made us a repeat customer. It’s a pleasure to work with a team that provides such professionalism, leadership and results. Their team established a relationship that engaged our employees in a process that delivered a quality product that provides the foundation for future employee training and development. These results will strengthen the knowledge and skills of our employees and bring service to a whole new level.

Jackie Baird
Manager, Customer Service

Doug’s Success Dashboard

The Competency Group’s knowledge capture of the Presenter/Facilitator Role for Doug’s Success Dashboard© lays out a detailed breakdown of our process in a clear, concise, and logical manner and is easy to follow.  As use of the Dashboard process continues to scale, this document will become instrumental as a training, certification, and licensing tool to ensure the process is delivered at a consistently high quality; it will also act as a starting point to incorporate further enhancements to the process as we continue to gain experience and receive feedback from participants.

I wanted to express my appreciation to The Competency Group for their willingness and adaptability to accommodate my unique business needs and approach in a very practical way.  I found The Competency Group Team very professional, disciplined, and resourceful in their approach and a pleasure to work with, which I feel resulted in a very detailed, high quality, and very useful end-product.

Thank you to your team for a job well done.

Doug Osbourne
Creator of the Doug’s Success Dashboard Process


IDON EAST and The Competency Group (former Future Learning) collaborated on numerous eLearning projects for both public and private sector clients. Bernadette and her team are experts in competency based methods/tools. I have worked with Bernadette for many years on joint development eLearning projects with shared responsibilities – IDON EAST undertaking content and graphic design and The Competency Group undertaking project management and authoring/multimedia development. Bernadette is an excellent partner and very results oriented – I highly recommend her and her team of professionals.

Herbert Brown
Chairman & CEO
IDON EAST Corporation

Streamline Consulting

If you are looking to hire a company that is knowledgeable about workplace competencies, is meticulously organized, and has lead large scale projects I would recommend contacting The Competency Group. There is a reason why they get repeat business and referrals from across Canada for competency based projects. The best of the best in this line of work!

Detry Carragher, CHRP
Streamline Consulting

Sue McConville and Associates

Bernadette and Terry transformed our organization with their unique competency based methodologies and tools. Using strong project management principles and a very collaborative approach, they were able to identify the unique skills, behaviours, and knowledge required for individual roles. This allowed us to hire the “right” people and train them effectively. Building from there, we were able to set performance standards and promotion criteria.

It was a great pleasure to work with Bernadette and Terry. Their ability to engage with various stakeholders and their common sense approach was both welcoming and refreshing. I highly recommend the The Competency Group for your development needs.

Sue McConville
Sue McConville and Associates

Catherine Cottingham

Bernadette and her team are extremely knowledgable about occupational standards development. Their approach to project work is service-focussed and client centred; targets are met in a timely and efficient manner and the team is flexible to changing needs as project work progresses. Team members are cheerful, personable, and easy to work with and I found my experiences with them a pleasure.