An Open Approach

Every project begins by opening a dialogue with all stakeholders through which productive discussions can occur. This ongoing dialogue is the foundation for every project and includes:

  • Consulting with target groups to identify needs;
  • Tailoring information to meet the needs and interests of the project participants;
  • Creating respectful and fair environments for discussion;
  • Involving people in decisions that affect them;
  • Using a consensus-seeking approach to make decisions; and
  • Respecting the knowledge and experience of project participants.

Detailed Project Management

Regardless of the complexity of your organization, we have the project management systems and practices in place to keep everyone informed and onboard with the process. Every project begins with the development of a detailed project work plan that accounts for all project goals, objectives and variables.

Read more about our detailed project planning process.

Project Scalability

The Competency Group has a combined in-house and outside network that can be scaled to meet the needs of any project, while still providing a custom, and personal, solution to clients.

Our Approach to Competency Solutions

Every new competency project involves developing new relationships, understanding, and trust. A productive relationship between TCG and our clients is paramount to project success.

Creating meaningful relationships is not just about a lot of talk. It requires a systematic process of communication that reaches out to, and involves, the right stakeholders at the right time.

Our Communication Process

The following sequence is an example of our communication process. For every project, this sequence is modified and tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients.

  • Facilitate a discussion with the primary stakeholders to identify key needs, issues, concerns, and other requirements for communities of interest;
  • Request the assistance of key contacts for each performance area or position of interest;
  • Establish relationships with communities in each area of interest;
  • Collect and review existing human resource documents or reports to provide insight and lessons learned from related work;
  • Within the parameters of the project, provide flexible methods for stakeholders to provide their input and feedback and track stakeholders’ in-kind contributions carefully;
  • Determine the specific communication vehicles to be used to ensure all stakeholders have access to up-to-date information throughout the project;
  • Provide ongoing opportunities to provide feedback and ask questions;
  • Provide detailed background information about the project emphasizing the purpose and benefits to each community of interest;
  • Provide regular communications with communities of interest throughout the life of the project using communication vehicles such as a password protected intranet, email newsletters, webinars, and others deemed appropriate;
  • Provide the option to all project contacts to receive project updates for purposes of regular communication by email or via the Internet.

Building Relationships that Last

At The Competency Group, we don’t believe that competency solutions are meant to be static. After project completion, we will continue to provide ongoing curriculum and training needs assessments, and develop competency-based certification tools that ensure our clients achieve long-term organizational improvement.

Project Management

The Competency Group Project Management Methodology is based on the Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge (PMBoK). Our processes represent a methodological approach to achieving agreed-upon results, within a specified time frame and cost, with defined resources.

Project management is comprised of inter-connected processes: developing the project plan, executing the project, and schedule management.

TCG’s thorough project planning process provides the structure and procedures to ensure that adequate time and effort is allocated to identifying the project scope, deliverables, resource requirements, and risks. It allows the Project Manager to structure the project in a way that maximizes delivery capability while minimizing risk.

Developing a Plan that Works for You

The following processes are undertaken in the development of the detailed project work plan:

  • Scope definition;
  • Activity definition and sequencing;
  • Schedule development;
  • Cost estimating and budgeting;
  • Risk identification, analysis, and planning;
  • Communication planning;
  • Quality management; and
  • Organization and staff allocation.

Project execution is the primary process for delivering the outcomes outlined in the project plan. The project execution stage not only includes the completion of planned activities, but also the evaluation of the success and contribution of this effort and the continual review and reflection of project status and outstanding issues against the original project objectives.

TCG takes a methodical and rigorous approach to the development of schedules. TCG breaks down projects into phases. Once the project activities have been identified, they are sequenced based on implicit and explicit dependencies. The effort involved in completing the individual activities and tasks is then estimated. After the schedule development is complete, the project schedule is base lined and is used for performance measurement.

Dedication to Quality Management

TCG’s Quality Management System (QMS) is a critical element of planning and delivery and we apply the three QMS components that derive from the industry standard – the Project Management Body of Knowledge – to every project. These three quality components are Quality Planning, Quality Control and Assurance, and a Quality Management Plan.

Collaboration & Flexibility

At TCG, we pride ourselves on open communication and collaboration. We are very responsive to the needs of not only our clients but their stakeholders too.

Involvement, communication, and information are keys to building support and getting buy-in from communities of interest. The TCG team makes a special effort to approach all stakeholders in a sincere manner in order to create positive working relationships. Key features of our approach include:

  • Approach individuals and groups with a positive, non-threatening tone and with respect;
  • Provide clear details of what is requested and why;
  • Provide clear descriptions of expectations and timelines; and
  • Emphasize the benefits of their participation in the project.

Large Project Scalability

At TCG, we have vast experience with projects of all sizes. Our team is large enough to provide outstanding results for large national and international clients, yet we are small enough that we provide personalized service to all our clients, making them feel like they are the only clients we have.

Over the years we have put in place a structure that ensures our solution can easily be scaled to meet the exact needs of our clients:

  • All of our team members have interdisciplinary and transferrable skills that allow them to join project teams instantly as required;
  • We have an extensive network of HR partners across Canada that we have worked with in the past to fulfill multidimensional HR projects.

At TCG, we have extensive experience leading and participating in large-scale human resource projects. We understand the necessary level of communications management needed to work with multiple stakeholders and locations, and build large-scale consensus among all participants involved.

Large or small, our leadership is always involved in every key decision, ensuring that the successful outcome of your project.

Our Guarantee

At TCG, we provide personalized service that is unmatched in the industry. We are always available by telephone or email – and when you call you speak with us directly as opposed at an automated answering service.

Our highly organized team guarantees not only the best quality results, we also guarantee all project deliverables.

Each and every project stays on time, on topic, and on budget.

At TCG, we strongly believe that our own performance is a testament to our capabilities in competency management and performance training.

We don’t just sell performance, we embody it.