3d small people - jewelHuman resource challenges can affect productivity and profit. Such situations are often unique to your organization and employees and, therefore, require specialized solutions.

Could a human resource consulting firm help you deal with these challenges? Definitely. A consulting firm with expertise in competency-based workforce development can identify the real issues and provide targeted solutions to ensure high performance in your organization.

Below are 5 common human resource challenges and 5 human resource consulting gems that are worth your investment.

HR Challenge

HR Gem

1. Your business is growing by leaps and bounds, and you need to hire people with the right skills to continue that growth. Pinpoint exactly the skills, knowledge and abilities your employees need to make your organization successful by developing a competency map for each position. Conduct competency-based interviews to screen applicants against the specific competencies needed for each position.
2. Many key people are leaving the workplace due to retirements. You are concerned about losing key organizational knowledge and wish to transfer it to others in the organization. Capture the knowledge, skills and abilities of the leaving employees. Use this key information to build targeted training programs for your employees.
3. Employee turnover rates are high. Find out the real reasons why employees are leaving.  Are you hiring the right people for the job? Are you providing adequate training programs to make sure they can handle what’s expected of them? Build competency-based training programs that focus on the exact skills required for the job.
4. Your organization is investing in training, but employees are still not performing at the level you require. Take a close look at your training. Does it address the skill needs of employees? Does it provide skill development practice? Employees need to apply their training on the job to make it effective.
5. There is a limited supply of skilled workers in your organization. Do a skills transfer analysis by comparing the skill sets of the potential labour pool to the exact skill sets you need for your organization.Build targeted training programs to bridge the skills of the candidates that most closely match your needs.

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