Written by Patrick Allen – Vice President, Strategy & Development

Lots of people understand the term ‘competency‘ and have an understanding of what it means. The general view is that competencies are detailed frameworks for what should count as valued in a particular job role. Competencies identify, “What is it that makes someone truly competent in a particular job role?” For instance, if a job is to tighten bolts, there are underlying steps that make someone competent at tightening bolts.  A great bolt tightener might have certain underlying skills that relate to the bigger picture of establishing competence. For instance, a bolt tightener might need to have a ‘feel’ for certain tools that tighten bolts, be able to handle various kinds of machinery, understand how tight a bolt needs to be, etc. All of these underlying skills relate to overall competency and are crucial for someone to be successful in a particular job.

The fact is, without understanding what makes someone the best bolt tightener and laying out all the expectations for what makes this person competent, your workforce might not be optimized. Not having a well organized and up-to-date competency framework for the crucial jobs in your organization may relate to loss of productivity and not meeting workplace safety guidelines and compliance mandates. The Competency Group has defined the problem the “RCP Triad.”  Through the design and implementation of competencies, the RCP Triad can benefit any organization in workforce optimization and compliance.

Through the use of various competency framework development methods, The Competency Group can solve this problem. We use a long proven facilitation method that generates clear and useful competency frameworks that can help organize, enhance, and optimize your workforce.

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