portrait of a young businessmanWhen I think of the term ‘manager’, I think of someone who organizes things, organizes people, takes initiative, develops and implements new policies, procedures, and processes – you know, someone who makes things happen.  I’ve had some great managers since I’ve joined the workforce.  I’ve also had a few that were so unorganized, it left me wondering how they ever got anything accomplished.

Managing oneself effectively and efficiently requires several key competencies; for example, the ability to set realistic goals, the ability to prioritize your goals, the ability to manage your time well, the ability to manage someone else’s time well, and the ability to be assertive (when you need to be).  These competencies are essentially the foundation of everything you do as a manager.  They help you to make things happen.  So, how well do you manage YOU?

Take a few minutes to assess your existing competency levels[1].  You might be surprised!

The Assessment:

On a scale of 0 (never) to 10 (always), rate yourself against each of the following statements:

  1. I start each day with a daily set of tasks.
  2. I prioritize the tasks I have to do.
  3. When I set my tasks, I know exactly what I want to achieve.
  4. When working on objectives or goals, I know what success would look like.
  5. I set aside a solid block of uninterrupted time each day for the accomplishment of tasks.
  6. I delegate by encouraging and supporting others to handle certain tasks.
  7. I make it a principle never to take work home in the evenings or on weekends.
  8. I use my colleagues fully so that we work as a team.
  9. I never set myself an objective without first making sure that I am responsible for achieving the outcome required.
  10. I always conduct the meetings I run in an efficient way so as not to waste my or anyone else’s time.
  11. I am always on top of my emails.
  12. I always make sure to avoid interruptions when working on important tasks.
  13. I always say ‘no’ to things that are not my responsibility.
  14. I always know I can realistically achieve the goals I have set myself.
  15. I would never describe my work situation as ‘being on a treadmill.’
  16. I always set a deadline for achieving the goals or tasks I have set for myself.
  17. I find it easy to express my needs, wants, opinions, feeling and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways.

Okay… now add ’em up!

Interpreting your score:

Below 90 points: It appears that your energies are not being directed sufficiently well.  Your time and efforts are in danger of being wasted, and you need to think more about your self-management practices in a way that will result i more effective and efficient actions on our part.
90-130 points: You have reasonable self-management competencies but you need to review your practices here to uncover the particular aspects that seem to be causing problems for your effectiveness and efficiency.
Over 130 points: You are likely to be very proficient in managing yourself, and probably have few issues that affect your effectiveness and efficiency.



[1] Assessment list and scoring developed by Dowling, M. and Henderson, I.  Managing Personal Competencies.  2009.