What is DACUM?

DACUM is an acronym for ‘Developing a Curriculum’.  DACUM is a specialized facilitation process to identify competencies for any job, role, or function. Implementing the DACUM process will improve the functionality of any workforce. Some benefits to implementing DACUM are:

  • Increases workforce productivity;
  • A correct, defined, and assured alignment to specific job roles in the workforce;
  • Job roles aligned with compliance and safety requirements;
  • Provides a clear and focused framework for human resources management and development;
  • Reduce cost in employee attrition;
  • Enhances and organizes existing workforce HR frameworks.


How is the DACUM process facilitated?

The DACUM process is led by an experienced and skilled facilitation team. The DACUM process draws upon the expertise of  a panel of expert workers who have reputations for being the best at their jobs.  Whether at the skilled, technical, supervisory, or professional level, these workers explain exactly what they do that allows them to be successful in their specific roles within a particular organization. These workers are often referred to as the “content experts” or “subject matter experts” (SME’s). Once a panel of expert workers is assembled, a DACUM facilitator begins the process of brainstorming a directed discussion to reach consensus about the duties and tasks that must be performed in order to be star performer in a specific role. This information is captured by the DACUM facilitation team and organized in a specific way to ensure content consistency and appropriate organization. 

What makes DACUM special?


  • The competencies identified are specific to job expectations within the organization. This specificity is needed to develop targeted training and effective competency assessment.
  • It is a specialized process that allows for a competency profile to be used as a curriculum outline and an evaluation tool for a training program.
  • It identifies  the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for an individual to perform effectively in a job, role, or function of an occupation.
  • The DACUM facilitation and reporting process divides occupations into general areas of competence (GAC).  Each GAC is further broken down into its specific skills. These skills are structured individually in small blocks on the DACUM chart. Each skill can serve as an independent goal for the learner. This results in greater clarity for job role expectations, performance measurement, and quality assurance.
  • The DACUM process uses empirical measure in the form of a precise rating scale that evaluates an individual’s achievement of each skill for the purpose of evaluation and enhancement of workforce productivity; and
  • The DACUM method prescribes self-planning, goal-setting and self-evaluation by the learner.
  • The DACUM process is cost-effective and provides significant cost-savings to any organization that uses it.


Why The Competency Group and DACUM?

The Competency Group has conducted hundreds of DACUM sessions and created competency profiles for hundreds of clients in very diverse industries all over the world.  We are THE world leading DACUM specialists.

The Competency Group Experience

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