What are performance standards?

Performance standards describe the accepted level of performance by an employee on the job. They are based on the position, not the individual. They describe the specific indicators of success for each skill within a competency map. They illustrate “what a good job looks like”. The performance criteria are combined with a performance rating scale to develop performance standards.

What are the benefits of performance standards?

  • Provide a means for employers to measure job performance and productivity for each skill.
  • Present employees with specific performance expectations for each skill.
  • Ensure a fair evaluation of all employees doing the same job tasks.
  • Encourage communication between the supervisor and the employee.
  • Promote a common understanding by employers and employees about job expectations.

The Competency Group has vast experience developing performance standards and using them in the workplace. We work with management and top performers in a job to establish indicators of success for each job skill. We collaborate with managers to select a practical performance rating scale for the organization.

If you are interested in creating performance standards in your organization, you may be interested in one of the courses we offer.