Skill certification forms the basis for a credentialing program in a particular trade or profession. An industry or a government agency establishes the qualifications, requirements and standards to be met for granting certification to practitioners of particular occupations. In Canada, for example, the Red Seal certification is the interprovincial standard of excellence in the skilled trades.

To be eligible for certification, a candidate should typically go99 through several steps:

  • Obtain the relevant education or training
  • Complete the prerequisites and apprenticeship or internship
  • Earn a passing grade in the qualifying exam
  • Work the required number of years of relevant experience
  • Demonstrate competence on the job at par with performance standards

Benefits of skill certification for organizations and practitioners

  • Cost-effective and objective recruitment and selection process
  • Accurate, consistent verification of candidate’s skills and experience
  • Higher probability of hiring qualified personnel
  • Useful tool to integrate immigrants into workforce
  • Standardized performance across the organization
  • Enhanced productivity and competitiveness
  • Excellent method to promote and acknowledge cross-training
  • Professional recognition of employees
  • Motivated and qualified workforce
  • Career mobility with portable credentials
  • Appropriate career placement
  • Positive organizational image

The Competency Group Experience

Our professional team of consultants are experts in the skill certification process:

  • Conduct a competency analysis and competency mapping of the occupation.
  • Set performance standards.
  • Define certification levels, requirements and qualifications.
  • Determine the assessment process and components.
  • Establish certification policies and maintenance system.

How we can help

At The Competency Group, we ensure that the skill certification scheme balances realistic requirements with an industry-relevant system.

Read a skill certification project we completed for the mining industry.

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