Today’s workforce reflects our technology-driven, fast-paced world. The endless quest for innovation is further complicated by global economic cycles and demographic shifts in the working population. These ever-changing circumstances create a constant state of flux for organizations and their human resources.

Varying realities influence people to seek career transitions and professional development throughout their productive years. Alternative job prospects may take people to a field related to their current practice or land them in a different industry altogether. Limited opportunities in their present trade or profession compel them to explore other occupations with higher labour market demand.

Employers in high-technology or specialized industries need people with multiple combinations of skills to fill vital functions in their operations. Whether organizations decide on internal transfers or external hires, a fast-track method to make candidates job-ready for high-demand positions starts with a transferable skills analysis. This compares an applicant’s skills set from his work experience with the job description of the position. The more matches between the candidate’s existing competencies and the required duties of the new job, the higher the level of skills transferability and better fit for the position.

transferable skills analysis also reveals any existing skills gaps, which can be filled with a customized competency-based training.

Benefits of transferable skills analysis for employers

  • Larger source of job candidates with transferable skills and job-ready potential
  • Greater inclusivity, diversity and multiculturalism with equity group participation
  • Increased employee retention with promotion or transfer opportunities
  • Useful tool for succession planning and career path development within organization
  • Targeted skills development with customized training for identified skills gaps
  • Interdepartmental cooperation with cross-trained and multifunctional teams
  • Greater productivity with diversified skill sets of employees

Benefits of transferable skills analysis for employees and job seekers

  • Career mobility and professional advancement with diversified portfolio
  • New opportunities for transition to other professions, trades or industries in tough economy
  • Prospects for cross-functional training and expertise within organization
  • Enhanced job satisfaction with challenging roles of interest
  • Increased motivation with greater responsibilities and rewards

How we can help

Our expert consultants provide transferable skills analysis, one of the components of The Competency Group’s SKILLRESETTM system. We can create a customized program for your organization’s needs with the right combination of tools from our suite of services.

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