Download some of The Competency Group’s free resources:

The Competency Group created two simple checklists that help to prepare employers and employees for the ‘dreaded’ performance review.  This resource will also provide you with 9 steps for conducitng the performance interview.

See firsthand how we organize competencies as the basis of our SKILLRESET approach by downloading a sample competency map.

This e-book will help you answer these questions:

  • What is return on investment?
  • Why is it so important?
  • How do the Kirkpatrick-Phillips levels of training evaluation factor in to all of this?
  • How is training ROI calculated?
  • Which program costs and benefits affect ROI?
  • How can an organization work towards positive ROI resultls?
  • What are ROI best practices?

This learning guide is a sample of self-directed competency-based learning. The learner works through the learning guide independently under the guidance of a workplace mentor. This learning guide can also be used to create a face-to-face workshop or can be converted for online learning delivery.

This one-page competency-based training model summarizes the steps in designing competency-based training. It shows how the critical components of competency-based training integrate with each other.

The Competency Group approach to onboarding includes four steps: Conduct Skill Analysis of Employee Function; Develop the Onboarding Learning Path; Develop Onboarding Training; Evaluate Onboarding Training

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