Training Strategy

Training investments can be substantial. Without a solid foundation, the outcomes of employee training can be hit or miss.

Has your organization properly trained its workers to promote effectiveness and efficiency? Training investments can be substantial. Without a solid foundation, the outcomes of employee training can be hit or miss. Make sure your training is effective by basing it on what and employee must be able to do to be effective on the job. Competencies provide the foundation you need to provide workplace training that embeds best practice.

Are you interested in exemplary employee performance across all departments and divisions? Are you looking for a method to create, update, and maintain an effective corporate university? Is the training in your organization fractured and inconsistent with poor Return on Investment (ROI)?

The Competency Group has over 20 years of experience helping organizations develop, optimize, revise, audit and create the best training possible using a competency based training approach

What are the benefits of a competency-based training approach?

In a competency-based training program, both the employer and the employee benefit. Personal judgment and subjectivity are minimized, creating a more positive work environment and a stronger relationship between employee and employer. This is a result of establishing transparent workforce planning, performance standards, performance assessments and succession plans.

Advantages of Competency-Based Training

  • Standardize performance across the organization
  • Target specific training needs
  • Ensure that corporate training and professional development activities are cost effective, goal oriented and productive
  • Establish a framework for constructive performance assessments
  • Improve quality of products and services
  • Increase internal employee mobility and cross-training, providing the organization with a greater ability to scale and flex as needed
  • Outline employee development and promotional paths within the organization
  • Reduce cost overruns caused by poor performance or miscommunication of job expectations
  • Ensure that individual professional development and training milestones are recorded and acknowledged by the organization
  • Increase the potential for job satisfaction
  • Set clear expectations for employees, enabling them to make better decisions and work more effectively

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