In a competency-based training program, both the employer and the employee benefit. Personal judgment and subjectivity are minimized, creating a more positive work environment and a stronger relationship between employee and employer. This is a result of establishing transparent workforce planningperformance standardsperformance assessments and succession plans.

Advantages of Competency-Based Training for Employers:

  • Ensures that corporate training and professional development activities are cost-effective, goal-oriented and productive
  • Establishes a framework for constructive performance assessments by management at scheduled intervals
  • Improves communication between employees and management
  • Improves quality of products and services
  • Increases internal employee mobility and cross-training, providing the organization with a greater ability to scale and flex as needed
  • Outlines employee development and promotional paths within the organization’s succession plan
  • Records the employee’s acquisition of the skills, knowledge, safety and other procedures relating to each task through competency-based interviews
  • Reduces cost overruns caused by poor performance or miscommunication of job expectations
  • Standardizes performance across the organization
  • Targets specific training needs

Advantages of Competency-Based Training for Employees:

  • Enables employees to be more proactive beyond their individual roles by learning additional skills that are valued by the organization
  • Ensures that individual professional development and training milestones are recorded and acknowledged by the organization
  • Gives employees insight into the overall strategy of their team, department, and organization, leading to greater engagement and motivation
  • Increases the potential for job satisfaction
  • Offers a reference resource for day-to-day job requirements
  • Provides a mechanism for the recognition of employees’ abilities
  • Provides clear direction for learning new job skills
  • Sets clear expectations for employees, enabling them to make better decisions and work more effectively99