Most organizations would agree that their success depends on the capabilities of their employees. It makes sense, then, that the development of employee skills can translate into organizational growth. You may wonder, “What is the best training option to contribute to my organization’s growth?” There are many generic, pre-packaged training options available to businesses, but the truth is that formal education training programs do not necessarily provide employees with the skills required to succeed in your company.

Success lies in training your staff to meet the specific requirements of your organization. If your employees are trained to your organization’s performance management standards in a way that focuses on their skills needs, they will be better-equipped to support the growth of your organization. That’s what competency-based training is all about.  Competency-based training is developed around the competency maps that have been identified for a specific job. To be assessed as competent in his or her job, a person must demonstrate the ability to perform the job’s specific tasks.

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The Competency Group provides competency-based training solutions. All of our training programs are custom-designed to achieve specific performance-related outcomes. We align every training program with professional competency assessments that ensure your investment of time and money in staff will directly affect performance improvements.

Benefits of Competency-Based Training

There are many advantages of competency-based training:

  • It ensures that training is cost-effective, goal-oriented and productive.
  • It targets specific training needs.
  • It standardizes performance across your organization.
  • It improves the quality of products and services.

Training Designed to Deliver Performance

Our team works comfortably with subject matter experts from all industries and sectors to obtain the required information for competency maps. From this information, we create effective training programs based on proven adult learning principles. The training we develop is designed to fit as seamlessly as possible into your organization. The Competency Group has designed and developed many training programs for both private and public sector clients. Our training programs can be delivered using a variety of formats, in both English and French .

From one- to five-day workshops, to self-directed learning manuals, to train-the-trainer programs, to online training modules, The Competency Group has delivered customized, bilingual training programs and has facilitated community consultations, focus groups, and planning sessions for many clients.