We base our workshops on an experiential learning model, which involves the learners in a facilitated learning environment where they both learn and do. For our workshops, we create complete materials to guide the instructor in presenting the workshop and to provide the learner with resources to take home.

By combining our instructor and learner guides with a face-to-face format that addresses a variety of learning styles, the workshops provide the learner with both information and experience.  In our many years of workshop development, we have found this to be a much more effective training method than simply presenting a lecture.

Want to see an example of a participant manual developed for a 1-day workshop by The Competency Group (formerly Future Learning)?  Click here.

Competency Case Studies

Since we use a competency-based approach, our workshops are directly related to what an employee does on the job.  In fact, our workshops abide by Malcolm Knowles’ six adult learning principles:

  1. Adults are internally motivated and self-directed.
  2. Adults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiences.
  3. Adults are goal-oriented.
  4. Adults are relevancy-oriented.
  5. Adults are practical.
  6. Adult learners like to be respected.