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Workplace Bullying:  What Can You Do?

Workplace bullying, mobbing, and outright nastiness are plaguing the modern workplace and directly contribute to losses, both in human talent and in revenue. Some academics estimate that the direct effect of one bully can result in the loss of millions of dollars to an organization. Furthermore, with the inclusion of the Millennial generation into the workforce, a demographic noted for their intolerance of workplace toxicity, employee turnover is becoming an epidemic. So how do we deal with these individuals? Is there a way to screen these people out in job interviews? The answer is: probably not. Oftentimes, the workplace bully is rewarded for their poor behaviour and these kinds of individuals can climb the ladder to land in positions of power that, in turn, cause much more damage to an organization.

Anxiety, stress, and depression are rampant in toxic work environments, and we would like to educate you on how to detect the patterns that lead up to heightened absenteeism in your employees, higher rates of extended leave, and high turnover rates. Remember, every time you lose someone who has learned their position, you lose productivity, time, and money.

This HR training seminar will offer:

  1. How to know the difference between a bully and a 'hard ass' boss.
  2. The different kinds of workplace bully: 'the yeller', 'the passive aggressive high school drama queen', 'the sociopath', and how to deal with each of these personalities.
  3. The ethical and legal ramifications of dealing with workplace bullying.
  4. How to manage bullies in the workplace and when and how to cut ties.

This seminar is aimed at: Managers, Directors, and Senior Administration

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Healthy and Happy Individuals Equal Productive and Creative Individuals: A Seminar to Aid in the Strategic Design of a Health Workplace.

There is a reason the massive silicon valley IT giants have basketball courts for office spaces. There is also a reason why the country Bhutan has started focusing on 'global happiness index' instead of 'gross domestic product.' Both organizations have come to the realization that by employing health promotion and providing people with the lifestyles they require to actualize their full potential, the result is heightened profitability, heightened bottom line, and high retention rates of the most talented people. Do you think your organization could benefit from a lesson in workplace happiness?

This HR trianing seminar will offer:

  1. A guide on what policies other companies have put in place to boost overall workplace happiness and wellness.
  2. A guide on how to implement happiness and wellness policies in your workplace to ensure that policy execution is effective and generates the desired outcomes.
  3. Ideas on promoting health and wellness in the workplace and how to detect issues such as anxiety, stress, and depression in your employees.

This seminar is aimed at: Managers, Directors, and Senior Administrators. Other version of this seminar can be tailored to non-management employees.

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