Committed To Achieving A Standard Of Excellence

At The Competency Group, we are committed to achieving a standard of excellence in competency solutions. Our team is continuously improving upon its own education, qualifications, and certifications to ensure our clients benefit from the latest developments in the competency-based development and training industry.

The success of many of TCG’s projects depends greatly on meaningful industry input. Our team is consistently recognized for our excellent working relationships with industry stakeholders and we maintain an open dialogue with partners across North America, sharing ideas and leveraging our vast collective experience.

Company History

We have been in business since 1997.  Learn more about our story.

Management Team

Our Approach

The modern workplace is a complex environment. It combines diverse yet interdependent roles, and often conflicting objectives. An effective competency-based solution must account for, and help control, these forces.

Based on the successful completion of numerous competency based projects, we have developed a customized methodology that ensures all stakeholders and organizational objectives are accommodated. Learn more.


We have had the privilege of serving many clients since 1997. Learn more.