Research & Analysis

The Competency Group conducts research to support workforce development for public and private sector clients. We draw upon years of proven experience to generate the right information for each client.

Great research drives informed decisions and making informed decisions is of great value to organizations, as it will reduce time lost and overall expense.

Example services include:


  • Paper and online surveys;
  • Employee engagement surveys;
  • Skill gap analysis studies, and;
  • Training needs surveys.

Qualitative Research (interviews, literature reviews, meta-analyses):

Are you trying to build a business case for a new product or service or to analyze a workforce problem? We are experts at engaging people, capturing their narrative, assimilating, and analyzing this research into useable information to inform decision-making.

Focus Groups:

Focus groups are a great way to talk to many people at the same time.  Focus groups are useful in obtaining data, validating data, and generating ideas. We can organize and host in-person and online focus groups, analyze the results, and write clear reports.

Case Study Development:

Are you looking for some concrete examples to help educate your audience or to support a report or proposal?  We have written dozens of case studies for those exact purposes!  We conduct the research, conduct the interviews, and create your evidence-based supporting documents.


We are skilled facilitators who can help you plan and lead productive meetings and consultations. We use well-proven adult learning methods to design and conduct consultations.

Report Writing:

We develop clear and concise reports that summarize findings and present clear recommendations.

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