Competencies are at the core of good HR training programs. When a specific competency is clearly defined and properly related to practical skills associated with a particular job role, the results are extensive. For one, job descriptions for skilled positions are easier to write, become clearer to prospective candidates, and result in better synergies between prospective candidates and employers. That is, when competencies are properly defined, it is much easier to find the best candidate in a recruitment process and more likely for the working relationship to be streamlined and productive. Once a candidate is hired, then the match between skills makes onboarding easier and thus represents less time (money) spent on recruitment and employee productivity.

In terms of training, a firm simply cannot go wrong using a competency-based approach. The idea with competency-based training is to train people to be highly competent in a specific set of practical skills associated with their occupational role. When this role or its associated competencies are poorly defined, the direct result is lessened productivity and confusion in job roles. What a good competency training program should include is a comprehensive analysis of the specific job functions that make a person truly irreplaceable in a particular position and how these skills then relate to the overall scope of their occupation.

Many HR professionals understand the necessity for competencies in occupations, but may not be aware that there are streamlined and highly effective ways at developing solid and cost sensitive competency profiles. This is where The Competency Group can help. With over 25 years of direct experience and thousands of competency-based training projects completed for a very wide range of clients, The Competency Group has the recruitment and training solution for your organization.

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