To meet the diverse needs of our clientele, The Competency Group offers three kinds of consulting services:

1> Organizational design, streamlining, and enhancement of workplace efficiency 

This level of consulting is aimed at medium- to large-sized organizations that have a dedicated human resources (or people and culture) department.  Our consultants offer specific expertise and a helping hand at developing efficiencies through various services, including, for example:

  • Situational and environmental scans. This includes researching and compiling qualitative and quantitative data for the purposes of streamlining training and human resources capacity.
  • Conducting and integrating research through the use of survey tools.
  • Conducting group facilitation (DACUM) to develop competency frameworks.

This level of consulting is very useful for organizations that want to build workplace skills, standardize best performance, or streamline their workforce.

2> Starter Pack Consulting: The Building Blocks for a Growing Organization

This is for smaller organizations or new organizations that are looking to do big things and to ensure they implement the same kinds of high quality procedures and practices that larger organizations can afford.  This allows smaller organizations to be more competitive and to thrive by reducing costs and enhancing workforce efficiencies.  This level of consulting is scaled to be affordable and to offer excellent return on investment (ROI).  Our consultants commence the process of aiding smaller organizations by doing a needs assessment to determine what solutions best suit their needs.  Solutions often include:

  • Developing custom training and succession planning tools that are organization specific.
  • Custom editing tools to suit the specific needs of a particular organization.
  • Assistance with HR policies, training, and organizational design.

3> Train-the-Trainer Consulting and Courses 

Our consultants also conduct train-the-trainer consulting which allows organizations to build their own capacity to build training programs and to enrich their organization through the use of our custom training and HR tools.  Our consultants come onsite and train an organization’s staff to develop and use competency-based HR tools.

We also offer short courses and webinars on a regular basis.

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