One of the direct ways for your organization to achieve peak performance is through a systematic evaluation of your workforce skills in relation to business operations. How does your people’s performance measure up to your standards?

There are three basic steps to maximize your people’s potential and attain organizational efficiency:

  1. Begin with a competency assessment to determine the exact skill requirements of each job in your organization.  The skill set for each job makes up the competency map for that role or position.
  2. Use the competency map as benchmark to identify workforce skills gaps. Employees can complete a self-assessment to be verified by their supervisors who observe their actual performance on the job.
  3. Develop a training plan targeting each employee’s specific skills needs.

Our assessments are often developed as skills checklists, self-assessments, or interviews in which employees and employers can track an individual’s performance over time. An assessment presents your organization with the means to:

  • Provide ongoing employee performance coaching
  • Acknowledge satisfactory and exemplary performance
  • Target performance deficits
  • Highlight skills that require additional training or practice
  • Benchmark employee performance across organization norms
  • Define performance standands within your organization

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