The Competency Group’s approach to successor development is a variation on our succession planning template that is targeted at developing the skills of individual employees.

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Here’s how it works. We review your organizational chart and identify key individuals who are slated for retirement. These become the focus of the successor development initiative.

We review and update the competency maps of key employees, exploring further details about common problems, troubleshooting procedures, and the ways they interact with others in the organization. All this information is captured in user-friendly documents that can easily be accessed for future reference and use.
Once the required skills of key employee positions are identified, we use a skills inventory of your organization’s employees to identify possible successors for the positions.  We conduct a gap analysis that compares the skills and experience of possible successors to those required by the positions of key employees.
 From this point, we provide the framework for you to work with viable successors to create a career development plan that will bridge any skills gaps. We can ever create a mentoring training program to help familiarize successors with the day-to-day requirements of key employee positions.